As you can imagine, tourism for the 2020 season in Salem is off to a slow start; for many of us, this means major interruptions to our income, as ticket sales are dependent upon groups and travel.  However, our concern is for those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, and Salem Sights is committed to doing its part in preventing the spread of the virus and canceling all tours.

If you plan to attend any Salem events from June to November, please consider purchasing a gift card for future use.  All other tours and ticket sales are suspended until further notice. 

Historical and Ghost Tour Gift Cards  | $16 to $25


#1.  Historical Tour

Salem's History from Naumkeag

to Modern Day Landmarks

$16 | General History | Downtown

Daily in October, Click for Times!

1 Hour  |  $16 ea  |  35 Person Maximum

Our history of Salem tour—Salem's History from Naumkeag to Modern Day Landmarks—runs daily in October, with extended hours towards Halloween.


You'll hear about Pirates, Puritans, Pilgrims, and Protestants; as all played an important role in the building of Salem and America.  From prominent figures like Hawthorne and Pickering to the unknown, like Crownshield and White, this tour packs a knowledgeable punch with fascinating details and personal stories from 400 years of Salem's historical events and legends. 


This tour is the quintessential sightseeing tour, stopping at old sites, current landmarks, and locations that mark great historical significance in Salem's tumultuous past. We'll visit well-known statues and forgotten meeting spots, national heritage sites, and even visit locations not often traveled by other visitors to the town.


If you're looking for a great tour, with rich, accurate, and often overlooked details, this is a great foundation to start your exploration of Salem, MA.  Purchase your tickets today, as group size is limited to 35.

TICKETS: Historical Tour

#4.  Ghost Hunt Experience

An immersive and interactive paranormal exploration of 5 sites

$25 | Paranormal Investigation | Downtown

1.5 Hours  |  $25 ea  |  25 Person Maximum

Join us on a tour of the 5 most active sites in Salem with one of the best known -and licensed- tour guides in the city.  Investigation Techniques, Tools, Tips, Training and Guidance will be provided on this tour.  


All equipment and gear will be provided at no cost, as well as the basic training and techniques needed to effectively utilize with the group on this experience.

You and your team will utilize:

  • Spectral Trail EMF Indicator

  • Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 5HZ—3500MHz with Digital LCD

  • Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

  • Imaging Device - Infrared (IR) Thermal Imager & Visible Light Camera with IR Resolution

  • EMP Recorder  (we save & email you MP3's)

  • Each person utilizes each tool!

It sounds like a lot, and it is.  This is one of two premier experiences that we offer and has a limit of just 25 participants.  Offered on select dates and times in October. For more questions, call or write to our chatbox on the page here. 

TICKETS: Ghost Hunt


About Our Tours

Where and When?

We know how stressful Salem —and travel in general— can be, especially during Salem...

With Multiple Tours, Times and Guides, you're guaranteed* to have a great time and see the sights you came to this city to experience!

Are our tours any good?

Our small group of licensed, insured, and qualified group of guides offer a unique experience unlike others

No matter which tour operator or guide you choose,  be sure to only book with licensed Salem guides.

You want your trip and time in Salem to be the most it can be, after all,  there is 400 years of history here... but, more about that on the tour.  

The main history tour is crafted from local lore, historical evidence, and primary source material that span five centuries of Salem History.

Derek Thomas is a Salem resident, with direct family ties and lineage to Salem dating back to at least 1781.  As a recent graduate of Harvard University, and Military Veteran, Derek has a passion for history and a flair for performance.

His previous businesses in town include haunted houses and still maintains the Corporate offices for LearLabs, LLC in town since 2012. 

Did you find something inaccurate on our site, or on a tour? 

We'd like to know, research it, and make it correct. 

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