Did you find something inaccurate on our site, or on a tour? 

We'd like to know, research it, and make it correct. 

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While we are new to town as a Tour Operator, our Guides are not.  Founded this year, our mission is to provide unique tours with "local lore in every tour" utilizing only accredited, licensed and engaging tour guides.  While living at one of the major tour stops in town,  Derek noticed groups of tourists gather at the historic site that sits just below his balcony. A trend of poor quality, huge group sizes, and lack of quality and truth to the stories being told stuck a chord, thus Salem Sights was founded. 

We certainly respect and appreciate anyone who is passionate about his or her work, and eagerly participate in the trade as a tour guide; yet, we offer a caution, as many "guides" descend upon Salem for the sake of the Halloween crowds.  If you consider just one aspect, please ensure you are booking with an accredited, city licensed tour guide or Operator.  Many out of town, "illegal" guides offer subpar, often fictitious tours and historically inaccurate details, with little recourse available to you as a consumer.  Salem Sights utilizes peer-reviewed and historically accurate knowledge delivered by engaging and fun guides. We utilize industry-standard booking platforms and payment processors for ticketing; all to guarantee you have a memorable and enjoyable trip to Salem. 


Derek Thomas


Manager | Operations

Loren Edwards


Manager | Tours & Service

Maybe You?

Why Us

Multiple Locations

We know how stressful Salem —and travel in general— can be, especially during Halloween, in October, in Salem...

With Multiple Tours, Times and Guides, you're guaranteed to have a great time and see the sights you came to this city to experience!

Affordable Prices

While we are not the "cheapest" tour in town, our small group of licensed, insured, and qualified group of guides offers a top-quality experience for your dollar.

For more about our refund and ticket guarantee policy, see here.

Easy to Book

Again, you want your trip and time in Salem to be the most it can be, after all, there are almost 400 years of history here...Impossible unless you can book a ticket and secure a spot!

Book your tickets simply by choosing the tour you'd like, fill in the details, submit payment, and we'll handle the rest. 

About the Founder

Derek Thomas is a Salem resident, with direct family ties and lineage to Salem dating back to at least 1781.  As a recent graduate of Harvard University, and Military Veteran, Derek has a passion for history and a flair for performance.

His previous businesses in town include haunted houses and still maintains the Corporate offices for LearLabs, LLC in town since 2012.