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Salem's History from Naumkeag

to Modern Day Landmarks

General History | Downtown | $16



6:30 and 8:30 in October


An immersive,  interactive and always fun exploration of 5 sites

Paranormal  | Downtown | $25

Gear, Equipment, and training are included at no additional cost.



Oct. 5 through Nov 3, 2019


Famous for its witch trials, the storied North Shore seaport also has a dark history of smugglers and deadly fires...

Historic Haunts of the Witch City  | $25


Exciting Tours of Salem for those that desire immersion and intrigue...

Salem has a rich history of Maritime Commerce,  Founding Fathers, and is arguably the site of the first bloodshed on part of the American Revolution; however, its the sweet smell of Halloween that has brought you here.

Head over to our Instagram page @salem_sights_tours and don't forget to tag yourself, and us, in those great photos for the 2019 Halloween season!  Free gear and Free tickets are going out all season long. 

America's First


A quick Google search may tell you that John Jacob Astor became the first millionaire due to the fur trade; but, is that the whole story.  

"The reputation commonly attributed to Elias Hasket Derby as America's first millionaire should be addressed
with some caution. When the final settlement of Derby's will was reached in July, 1816, it was noted that the worth of his estate at the time of his death in 1799 was $1,063,799.00...

He was, beyond all doubt, Salem's first millionaire. But was he really America's first?"

By John Frayler, NPS Historian Article


An artifact with links to the 1790s, now back on display in Salem

A 4450-pound anchor, which came to the museum in 1906 through the United States Navy, will be gently re-installed on PEM’s campus on Monday, September 16 at 2pm. From an unknown vessel, the anchor was hand-forged during the era of the early frigates, sometime between 1790 and 1812.  It’s twisted shank suggests it endured a massive storm.

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Photo by Derek Thomas

John Adams in Salem, and the home of "Brother Cranch"

"The streets are broad and straight, and pretty clean.  The houses are the most elegant and grand that I have seen in any of the maritime towns." - John Adams, August 13, 1766.

The first known portrait of John Adams was painted by Benjamin Blyth in Salem, as Adams spent time in Salem as a young lawyer - yet Adam's himself makes no mention of an infamous and unusual murder trial in '69 where the "ordeal of touch" was invoked...  Did he win freedom for his client?